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Pictures from the Friday Meetup @ The Pub Universitatii 23.02.2024

Les photos are here :

Expats in Romania Regular Meetup

Full set of pictures :

( Join the FB group here : and search for the album you want ).

What is Expats in Romania ? 

This group is for all English-speaking expats, repats and locals from Romania , be they American, Brits, French, Spanish, Austrians, Germans, Dutch(ies), Aussies, Kiwies, Romanians or anything else!
It’s a great way to meet new people, expats from all corners of this world and share experiences, collaborate on business initiatives, consult with one and other, or build up a social group in a foreign country. However, it is mainly about socializing, and having a good time. Join us at our regular events and find out for yourself.
” Expats in Romania ” facebook group :
Best Regards,
Tudor Seicarescu, Mihaela Samareanu and the Expat Meetup Team

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