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The pictures and videos from the FIRST MEETUP 2024

Dear All,

Thanks a million for making the Expats Meetup on January 3rd, 2024, something truly memorable. The camaraderie and shared stories created an atmosphere that felt like a literary masterpiece.

In a city that breathes history, our gathering was a chapter written in the language of friendship.

51 Boulevard Pache witnessed not just a meetup, but a symphony of connections, blending the notes of diverse experiences.

The evening was more than just a date on the calendar; it was a canvas where each of you painted your narratives, creating a masterpiece of shared moments. The laughter echoed like a Hemingway dialogue, crisp and genuine, resonating through the walls of Hanu Berarilor Casa Elena Lupescu.

As we clinked glasses and raised toasts, we didn’t just celebrate the passing of time but embraced the possibilities of the future. Each handshake, smile, and shared glance were like sentences forming a story that will linger in our memories.

Thank you for being more than attendees; you were characters in a plot that unfolded with every greeting and conversation. May the echoes of our gathering resonate until we meet again.

Warm regards,

Tudor Seicarescu

Mihaela Samareanu

Expats in Romania


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